What is Speech Therapy? A Comprehensive Guide

If your child is having difficulty communicating, you may be wondering if speech therapy is right for them. In this overview, we’ll discuss what speech therapy is, what it can do for your child, and how long speech therapy typically takes. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of whether or not speech therapy is right for your family.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a type of treatment that helps children with communication disorders, such as articulation, stuttering, or difficulty understanding and using language. Communication disorders can make it difficult for children to speak clearly or to understand what other people are saying. A speech therapist will work closely alongside your child to help them improve their communication skills.


What does speech therapy do?

Speech therapy can help children with communication disorders in many different ways. Speech therapists can help children learn how to make sounds correctly and how to put words together to form sentences. They can also help children understand what other people are saying and improve their listening skills. In addition, speech therapists can teach children how to use facial expressions and body language to communicate.

woman doing speech therapy with a little boy

How long does speech therapy take?

The amount of time that a child will need to participate in speech therapy will vary depending on the severity of their disorder and how well they respond to treatment. Some children only need speech therapy for a short period of time, while others may need it for several years. However, most children see improvements within the first year or two of speech therapy. 

Speech therapy usually consists of weekly sessions that last for 30-60 minutes. During each session, the therapist will work on specific goals with your child – these goals may be related to improving your child’s speech sound production, increasing their ability to understand and use language, or developing social skills. The therapist may also provide you with activities or exercises to work on at home between sessions.

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