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Eye Examination

Taking care of your eye health



All throughout our consultation, we listen to you and gauge an understanding from an eye health perspective. We discuss concerns with your vision, your previous eye history, your general health and your visual needs.


Health & Lifestyle

Lifestyle, diet and underlying health conditions can have an effect on your eye health and your vision. We can provide suitable advice around how certain conditions such as diabetes can affect your eyesight and how you can monitor it.


Coordination & Focusing

Preliminary testing assesses how well you can see in the distance and when reading up close. We check your eye co-ordination to see how well your eyes work together. Eye misalignment can be accountable for difficulties in learning, as well as headaches and eye fatigue.

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eye health

The next step is thoroughly assessing your overall eye health through a range of methods and by using advanced technology (retinal photography and OCT). We check both the front and the back of the eye for any eye diseases or conditions.


Eye Medications

Certain eye conditions such as an allergy or in eye infection may require eye drops. Our optometrists are therapeutically endorsed, which means we can prescribe prescription-only eye drops for you. We can also refer you to your GP or an ophthalmologist for more specialised treatment and management.


Lens Advice

All lenses are unique in their own way. With the latest technology and coatings available, we can provide you with lenses that will best suit your visual needs. Once we choose your lenses, we will assist you in finding frames to suit your style so you can love your glasses as much as we do.

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Eye Protection

We talk through your eye safety needs to meet the requirements for your workplace and lifestyle. This is inclusive of UV and glare protection.


Contact lenses

Our optometrists provide advice on contact lenses based on your vision needs and your eye health. If you are a new contact lens wearer, you will require multiple appointments. This is so we can assess your vision and comfort with contacts; as well as thoroughly teach you on how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses.