NDIS Registered Speech Therapists in Roxburgh Park

At In One Healthcare, our NDIS registered speech pathologists are here to assist you in achieving your verbal goals. Learn more about the ways in which In One Speech Pathology will work closely alongside you to improve your communication and swallowing abilities.

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How does NDIS work for speech therapy?

NDIS, which stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government-funded program aimed at providing physical therapy care and ongoing support to Australians with significant or permanent disabilities. Its goal is to equip people with disabilities with the tools they need to lead a fulfilling life, and this includes personalised speech therapy.

At In One Healthcare, we understand that effective and targeted speech therapy plays a vital role in helping those living with disabilities reclaim their independence and achieve their verbal goals. This is why we’re proud to be an NDIS provider. We know that each individual has unique needs and goals, so we work closely with you and your family to create a personalised treatment plan to support you in reaching these speech goals.


Qualified and experienced NDIS speech pathologists

Being an NDIS provider means we’re able to provide a range of services – in addition to speech therapy, In One Healthcare can provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and podiatry to anyone with NDIS funding. 

Our team of specialists is committed to providing quality care to those living with disabilities – we offer multidisciplinary care that is tailored to your needs and delivered to the highest standards. In One Healthcare’s mission is to help every NDIS participant access quality speech therapy (and other key allied health services) either in the comfort of their own home or at our clinic in Roxburgh Park, Melbourne.

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Our Speech Pathologists work with a range of populations to achieve success in their communication and swallowing goals. Therapy children, teenagers, adults and elderly individuals focus on developing functional communication skills which will enable our clients to increase their independence, self-confidence, participation and quality of life. At In One Healthcare, we encourage all our clients to have the right and the opportunity to participate and engage in their communities.

Our speech pathologists can work with individuals with a range of conditions that can affect their eating and communication:

We also help people to swallow food and drink safely.

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Services we Offer

Helping you to communicate

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Speech Therapy for Children

We offer help to children in kindergarten and primary schools who have difficulty comprehending others and/or articulating their thoughts, ideas and feelings. We can assist children with speech difficulties such as language delays, articulation and fluency disorders to encourage positive social outcomes.


Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Some of our clients communicate without using spoken language. Strategies such as Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), key word sign and dedicated communication devices are options for those who cannot use spoken language to communicate.


Swallowing Difficulties

We provide assessment and therapy to individuals, parents and families of those who are having difficulty eating and drinking.


Voice Disorders

We offer assistance for people with voice disorders as a result of trauma or progressive neurological diseases to better communicate with their families, friends and carers. At In One Healthcare, we offer SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd sessions for our Parkinson’s clients right here in our very own community centre.


Speech Therapy for Adults

Assisting people with a range of communication deficits to speak with clarity to be understood. We also provide receptive language therapy to allow our clients to understand their friends and families.

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Post-Stroke Clients

We help people who have sustained a stroke to swallow properly without choking. We also assist them in regaining their communicative abilities.

Are you eligible for speech therapy under NDIS?

If allied health and nursing services are included in your NDIS plan, you can access funding for speech therapy at In One Healthcare. However, navigating the NDIS system and understanding what you can claim for can be complicated and confusing – that’s why our friendly professionals are here to help you every step of the way.

Speech Therapy
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