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Tailored Sport Injury Treatment in Roxburgh Park, Melbourne

Sports-related injuries can be a serious source of distress for people – not just for the physical pain and discomfort, but for the emotional toll it takes on us as well. Depending on the nature of the injury, it can render us unable to compete in sports, and prevent us from living a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you’ve recently sustained a sports injury, it’s important to seek treatment immediately, so that you can recover quickly and get back to doing what you love. At In One Healthcare, we provide tailored sports injury treatment at our Roxburgh Park clinic in Melbourne, with the goal to help you regain strength and mobility in the affected area.

From knee injuries to stress fractures, our allied healthcare professionals will adopt a variety of evidence-based treatment techniques with the aim to facilitate a smooth and holistic recovery.

What are the benefits of seeking sports injury treatment at our Roxburgh Park clinic?

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from your injury
  • Decrease the likelihood of sustaining a similar injury in the same joint/muscle down the line, by improving strength and mobility in the area
  • Regain fluid movement in the affected area without pain or discomfort, through a variety of techniques and modalities
  • Prevent potential future injuries from occurring, by observing things like posture and movement patterns, and making adjustments as required
  • Enhance balance, coordination, strength and mobility in parts of the body that support the affected area, for a more comprehensive recovery


What’s our process for Melbourne sport injury treatments?

Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough assessment of the muscles and joints affected by the sports injury, as well as a series of questions about your medical history and day-to-day physical activities. This helps us to better understand the nature of the injury and develop a tailored treatment plan that caters for your specific circumstances.

Treatment may involve using hot/cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area, increasing muscle strength through resistance training exercises, physiotherapy, remedial massage, dry needling, soft or deep myofascial trigger release and exercises you can do at home to strengthen and help speed up recovery. Braces, crutches or other forms of immobilisation may be required to assist in recovery.

Depending on the severity of the sports-related injury, recovery may take anywhere from several days to several months. At In One Healthcare, we’ll utilise a combination of the techniques mentioned above to form a personalised treatment for your sports injury at our Roxburgh Park clinic.

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In One Healthcare provides a wide range of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing and podiatry services to assist with pain relief and effective management of various conditions. For results-driven sport injury treatment in Roxburgh Park, Melbourne, don’t hesitate to book your initial consultation online now.
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