Why is it Important for Kids to Get Their Eyes Checked?

Have your kids had their eyes checked recently?

Despite how much we rely on our eyesight, unfortunately many of us tend to neglect good eye care. However, regular eye check-ups are particularly important for children, because their vision continues to develop into their late adolescence.

When detected early enough, many vision-related issues that your child might be developing can be corrected. For example, lazy eye and crossed eyes are two common vision problems in children that can be treated if they are caught early enough. This is why it’s so important for kids to get their eyes checked every year.

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Eye care for kids

As parents, we want what’s best for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy, and part of that is making sure their vision is as good as it can be. For example, if your child is having trouble seeing the board at school or is having difficulty reading, this could be a sign of a vision problem. Given that 80% of learning is done through a child’s visual system, undetected vision problems can have a dramatic negative impact on a child’s school performance.

Ideally, children should have their eyes checked by an optometrist once a year, or more often if there are any concerns to monitor. The check-ups help to identify any key areas of concern, and will indicate whether your child would benefit from wearing glasses or changing their prescription. A simple eye test can also help to detect other underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease.

Reliable children’s eye care, from the trusted optometrists at In One Vision

At In One Vision, we provide the full scope of eye health services for kids, including:
  • Consultations to discuss vision concerns, eye health history, lifestyle/diet factors, and eye protection advice (i.e. suitable UV protection sunglasses)
  • Eye examinations for assessing coordination, focus and overall eye health
  • Eye medications if necessary
  • We supply quality prescription glasses, lenses, frames and contact lenses

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It is important to keep on top of your child’s eye health, as it plays an integral role in their development. To arrange an eye test with one of our qualified optometrists today, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.